Prohaus Capital

Catalyzing the future of
alternative impact investments

Prohaus Capital offers alternative impact funds, programs and tools
to support the next generation on global CEOs and emerging managers.

Prohaus Capital is the investment arm of Prohaus Group.

Prohaus Capital is a female-led venture capital firm providing growth capital to global first founders with untapped potential across the U.S. and emerging markets: Latin America, Caribbean and Africa. We co-invest in companies, members of Prohaus VC (venture collective), along with our global investor network.

Investment Thesis

Prohaus Capital is progressing the evolution of venture capital with creating and managing the world’s first global impact ICO funds. Our investors get exposure to a truly global, diversified portfolio of fintech, impact innovation, and smart city  companies leveraging blockchain and neoteric technologies.


Fintech / Blockchain

We support applications in transveral fields that decentralize economies and governments (i.e. insurtech, wealthtech, regtech, mobile payments).


Impact Innovation

From agritech to health and wellbeing, we empower the most promising tech founders who are passionate about accelerating impacftul solutions.



We promote the neoteric technologies aiding key challenges for growing demographics & hyper-urbanization cities (energy, water, safety, mobility).

Prohaus Syndicate Portal

The Prohaus Global Syndicate is a private, invite-only syndication network of 100+ private and institutional investors with over $500 million of investable capital focused on promoting collaboration to accelerate investment flow of early and growth stage capital. All members have strong investment commitments to advancing fintech/blockchain, smart city, and/or impact innovation.

Prohaus does not provide any investment advice, brokerage services or any financial intermediary activities for or on behalf of its members, and does not seek to generate any fees linked to investment actions carried out by members.


About Prohaus Group

Prohaus Group is a women-led, next generation financial brand fostering alternative investment innovations through a private global ecosystem and venture funds supporting innovation impact entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors. Since inception, we have helped over 500+ financial institutions and early stage companies with venture capital and private equity services.

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